We want to help you grow

Taking the step from development to sales can be daunting. We bring experience and opinions on how to best grow your software business.

Our team has years of experience building software storefronts and growing them to thousands of sales per month. And every venture has been similar; not only do we need solid licensing systems, we also need to integrate them with our payments systems, with our marketing systems, and more. Never was there a solution that could to it all for us.

This is why we built Moonbase; to consolidate all the experience we have running licensing systems, and take it one step further. To cut away all the custom integration glue between services, and rather offer one bundled platform to provide the experience we wanted then. Our mission is to make your business grow, and with Moonbase we can do that better than ever.

Building an audience is more important than ever, especially so in the software space where there is an abundance of choice, with fierce competition. Turning that audience into an audience you can engage with is a massive challenge however, one that can yield great rewards for both parties. With Moonbase this is second nature, with loyalty driven tools in every feature.

Not every business is the same, and so we try to make every part of Moonbase independent from the others. If you don't like our payments, we have multiple integrations with other payment providers. The same goes for marketing, we are happy to synchronize relevant customer data to other providers. However, it is our ambition to offer the most unique bundled solution to cover your needs.