Stop stressing about payments

Leave the regulatory burden to us, we'll handle global VAT, refunds and more.

Pricing strategies to cover your needs

Customer loyalty matters, so rewarding your fans is built in to any pricing model you create. That way you build the audience you want, while leaving the heavy lifting to us.

Define complex product pricing

The world is every-changing, so you need a platform that is ever-changing too. We've built pricing support that enables pricing targeted to segments of your customers, all while supporting local payment methods known to your customers.

Targeted discounts

Reward loyal customers by giving them lower prices on your products based on what they've already purchased.

Offer bundles of products

Make more appealing packages for upselling to your customers by bundling logical sets of products.

Multiple pricing variations per product

Offer the same product through multiple pricing variations to cover different customer segments.

Become a global business overnight

Your customers can be found all over the world, make sure you are ready for them. With Moonbase, we handle the handle all the local compliance laws to make sure you can focus on your business.

Local currencies and payment methods

Appeal to customers around the world by offering products in local currencies through local payment methods.

VAT handled by Moonbase

Many countries impose local VAT taxes on digital products, we will handle all the reporting and collecting.

Hosted checkout and payment flows

Don't spend time building the most complex part of online e-commerce, use our ready-made checkout pages to make sales.

Let your products shine

Building a storefront to sell your products through is important, and we have the tools to make it happen.

Cart solution

Build in a shopping cart solution for your storefront using our JavaScript SDKs for Vue or React.

Customer authentication

Build whitelabeled self-service licensing features by enabling Moonbase authentication for customers.

Personalized pricing

Each customer will see discounts exclusive to them, rewarding their loyalty or interest in your brand.


Full-Featured Admin UI.

We know there will always be a need to deal with support requests coming in, new products being developed and more. Here to help you with that is our easy to use admin UI.

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