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Behind all the features in Moonbase, there is a platform offering you all the basics you need to do business. We are actively developing the platform, so expect to see more features in the near future.

What’s included

  • Customer accounts and a simple CRM for you to get insights into who is buying your software.
  • APIs and SDKs to let you integrate Moonbase invisibly into your products.
  • Unlimited amount of products and bundles, with full freedom to experiment and combine.
  • Hosted customer portals and activation UIs in case you don't want to build your own.

Hosting fees

€ 0EUR

Included in your account

Software Licensing

Having a solid and flexible licensing strategy is vital for modern software, and easily achievable with Moonbase as a platform powering your delivery. With a generous free tier and usage based costs, you can focus on building software.

What’s included

  • Dead simple licensing where the customer experience is in focus, with SDKs ready for integrations.
  • Want to offer your customers a taste of your app before buying? We offer time-limited trials out of the box with minimal hassle.
  • Using secure RSA signed license tokens, ensuring you can reliably verify the authenticity of licenses locally.
  • Support offline license activations and reach all of your target audience, no matter what flows they need.


€ 5EUR

Per 10.000 license validations beyond the first 10.000 each month


With licensing in place, the only thing remaining for you to start selling is payments. We offer shopping solutions for you and your storefronts, with checkouts, VAT handling and much more!

What’s included

  • Create specific pricing variations & discounts to target your customer segments and build loyalty.
  • Build it into your custom storefront easily using our Storefront SDK, offering customer logins, carts and more.
  • Tailor your strategy to what suits your audience and products the best, using all the tools you need.
  • Don't worry about global VAT, we act as Merchant of Record to pay the VAT for you, keeping you compliant world-wide.

Transaction fees

5%+ 1€

Per purchase made through Moonbase, additional fees may be applicable, learn more

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay to offer trials?
There is not charge for the trials functionality in itself, but trials does count as normal licenses when validating. However, since they are usually time-scoped, they go inactive fairly fast, only costing you for a short period.
Are credit card processing fees part of the payment fees?
Our fees include all credit card processing fees for european cards. International cards come with a 1% additional fee, and PayPal a 1.5% additional fee.
How often are licenses validated?
That's entirely up to you! For online activated licenses, we recommend checking on every startup, and every couple of hours to detect revoked activations.
Can I connect my existing shop to Moonbase?
Yes! We have SDKs ready for you to enable great shopping experiences, as well as APIs and integrations to let you achieve any goal.
Can I sell lifetime access and subscriptions for the same product?
Yes! By defining multiple pricing variations for the same product, customers will have a choice of plans when buying.
What currencies can I sell my products in?
Currently we support USD and EUR, but we'll be adding more soon. Be aware that for any non-EUR currency, a 1% additional currency handling fee may occur.

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