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Everything you need to provide great customer experiences, at your fingertips.

Dead simple software licensing

We've made this platform to bridge the gap of what developers want out of licensing, and what customers want out of the experience.

Provision new licenses & trials

Moonbase is all about smoothly provisioning new licenses and trials, it's important that it's fast and easy. By simply choosing the owner of a product, we'll automatically create the necessary accounts and send any emails necessary.

Secure licensing

We use robust RSA cryptography to ensure each license can securely be validated, and applications unlocked.

Clear communication

Customers are immediately notified when they receive new licenses, with a smooth user experience to download and activate.

Self-service trials

Potential customers can simply download apps and request a trial themselves, through a time-scoped access license.

Automate everything

We offer multiple paths to automate license provisioning, from self-service voucher redemptions to integrations with payment providers as well as our own payment solutions.

Voucher codes

Enable self service voucher redemption for your customers, and let 3rd party stores sell your software.

Sell through Moonbase

Use our payments solution with hosted checkouts to enable automatic license provisioning for buyers.

Other payment providers

You can also use other payment providers like Fastspring to automatically create licenses for buyers.

Offer the best customer experience

Customers downloading your software can be using it in seconds. We offer multiple ways of activating software, through in-app authentication, browser based redirects as well as offline activations for those niche cases.

Offline activations

Some users need to be able to activate software on devices without internet, through our cryptographically signed licenses, that's possible.

Configurable trials

Different products need different trials, disable them completely, require customer accounts or allow anonymous activations for whatever period fits your products.

Self-service revocations

Let your users decide themselves to revoke licenses from their devices, cutting down on support requests you receive.

Ready to integrate

Developer ergonomics is always important, so we offer a range of solutions to help you get to market. We've built first-class support for select application frameworks, so you're free to pick the best tools and strategies to suit your business.

JUCE Framework

Developing audio plugins? We've built a smooth library to get up and running in minutes, supporting a range of activation flows!


We have SDKs for other frameworks and languages, check out our documentation for more details.

API for custom solutions

Our API is well documented, ready for you to build your own integrations if you need to.


Full-Featured Admin UI.

We know there will always be a need to deal with support requests coming in, new products being developed and more. Here to help you with that is our easy to use admin UI.

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